Dock menu with my personal gimp created image....

Hi, i’ve a question?
I’ve created an image with gimp, and i like that when i click on the button menu in the dock bar the image is show with the options of the menu inside it.

I’m a newbie about fvwm and i’ve see a lot af other config but i don’t understand how to do this.
Could you help me?
Or maybe give me a link to the solution…

Thanks a lot…

I am not sure I understand you. You want to have a menu with the background as the image?

– Thomas Adam

No no.
I’ve created a imege rappresenting my menu…let me explain you. … name=May-B
for example in this image look at the Net menu… I’ve an image for the menu open (the darker one) and even the dock (the lighter one) how can i tell to fvwm to use my image to “build” the menu?

Consider I have to do fvwm like the image i’ve linked…
How can I implement the function for the menu?

Hopes you understand…

Assuming you had a button in your FvwmButton panel, as an example:

*foo: (1x1, Icon foo.xpm. Action (Mouse 1) 'Menu someMenu Rectange 0x100+0-23')

It’s the Rectangle option to the menu command which achieves the postioning offset of the menu. I suggest you read up on it.

– Thomas Adam