Does FVWM have any cool window animating tricks/ features?

You know, how the macs have the windows that minimize in all sorts of ways. Doesn’t FVWM have anything like that?

What are some of the cool eye-candy features of fvwm that I might be missing out on? 8)

Something like this: … nimate.php

And what FvwmAnimate can’t do you probably can do with some scripting…

So what exactly can it do? The man pages don’t really have any screenshots or videos of this stuff in action.

And why don’t alot more people have animated stuff in their configs?

Wow these are bad ass!! 8) :smiling_imp:

I just wish that it could move the actual windows in the animation…instead of a wire frame outline of the window. Its still cool.

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmAnimate: * *FvwmAnimate: Effect Turn *FvwmAnimate: Delay 5 *FvwmAnimate: Iterations 30 *FvwmAnimate: Width 1

Thats what im using right now. It was alot easier than I thought it would be.