Does FvwmButtons allow for mouse clicks to swallowed apps?

I have xdaliclock swallowed, and I’d like to click it and have the date change like it does when it isn’t swallowed, can I do this?

There’s no different between a window reparented in FvwmButtons and reparented in a window drawn by FVWM proper (which you would associated with a window with a titlebar, borders, etc).

So, what’s the problem? Other applications work just fine swallowed in FvwmButtons, such as xterm.

– Thomas Adam

xdaliclock should display the date when I left click on it, and it does when I run it outside of fvwmbuttons, but in fvwmbuttons a left click won’t display the date.

Edit- NVM, it looks like an issue w/ the xdaliclock config.