Don't Panic! Marvin based theme.

Hi!, I’ve been working in a theme that now is begining to be usable and nice.

It’s made with pieces of code found in themes from this site and some other ideas.

Currently it has:
[] Nice transparencies in menus, dock, windowlist and window decorations.[/:m]
[] Dock with left mouse launcher and right mouse menu popup.[/:m]
[] Window list with clock and calendar.[/:m]
[] Thumbnails for iconified windows.[/:m]
[] Advanced window managing options via mouse and/or keybindings such as arrange windows in two/one column, “show desktop”, fullscreen and some others.[/:m][/list:u]

For the moment it’s quite messy, but I’ll work on cleaning up the code and will try to make just everything easilly customizable.

You can try it now, but soon I’ll release a really usable version. There’re some title menus in spanish and many other stupid things, but I wanted to have some first impressions.

Some example screens:

A pair of tips: [list]
[]Try with left and middle mouse clicking on the laser-sable icon (the same as alt-1 and alt-2). Try also wheelmouse on it. [/:m]
[]On windowlist, left mouse selects window, right mouse (un)iconifies it and middle mouse closes it.[/:m][/list:u]

Get it here:

Please, feedback and excuse my bad English.

(EDIT: Changed forum for Next version 'cause things change drastically)

Forgot to say that I’ve taken artwork mainly from fvwm-crystal (icons) and (Marvins). Wallpapers included were found for my personal use mainly via google images. I’ve included them for testing transparencies with different colour styles, but won’t be in a future release.
Thank you.

¿Can’t I delete this thread?

No – but I can. Why do you want it deleted?

– Thomas Adam

Well, I’m new in here and posted the new version of my theme in a new thread. Then I read the “Read this befor posting” but it was a bit late… I don’t want to break the rules.
Sorry. :confused:

Don’t worry – this thread stays.

– Thomas Adam