Don't show Iconic windows in the pager

Good evening,

i didn’t find this in the forum so here ma question : i would like to set “WindowListSkip” style for all my Iconic windows (thumbnails) ; in order to don’t show them in the pager for instance. Or is there another way ?

Hi Lucky,

you can use
ShowNoIcons , but it needs fvwm 2.5.11 or higher if you want to use it in an Iconmanager.

The following is a taskbar-like Iconmanager, that does not display iconified windows.

Hth, Mark

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmStartThemeModules
AddToFunc   FuncFvwmStartThemeModules
+ I EWMHBaseStruts 20 20 20 20
+ I Module FvwmIconMan

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmStopThemeModules
AddToFunc   FuncFvwmStopThemeModules
+ I KillModule FvwmIconMan
+ I DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMan: *

#*FvwmIconMan*nummanagers 		1
*FvwmIconMan*format        		"%t"
*FvwmIconMan: Colorset		12
*FvwmIconMan: IconColorset	19
*FvwmIconMan: PlainColorset	17
*FvwmIconMan: SelectColorset	20
*FvwmIconMan: FocusColorset	18
*FvwmIconMan: FocusAndSelectColorset 20
*FvwmIconMan: IconButton	flat
*FvwmIconMan: PlainButton	flat
*FvwmIconMan: SelectButton	down
*FvwmIconMan: FocusButton	up
*FvwmIconMan: FocusAndSelectButton down
#*FvwmIconMan: DontShow icon=Untitled resource=Untitled
*FvwmIconMan: DrawIcons   true
*FvwmIconMan: ReliefThickness 1
*FvwmIconMan: ShowNoIcons true
*FvwmIconMan: ManagerGeometry	4x1+0+0
*FvwmIconMan: ButtonGeometry   256x0

*FvwmIconMan: Followfocus 	true
*FvwmIconMan: Title ""
*FvwmIconMan: UseWinList   true

Thank you but i want this behavior for the pager (i don’t use a taskbar).
How can i “don’t show” icons in the pager ?

Hm, just tried several options, but could not realize it too, I’m sorry :frowning:

Hey where is Thomas Adams… maybe we should sponsor him an internet-access for his Parents home :wink:

Hope someone else has a solution.


Ok thank you anyway :slight_smile:
I hope this is possible…

i think
*FvwmPager: NoIcon
is what you want.

There isn’t NoIcon option for FvwmPager, it’s a pitty, it should be very interresting. Look at the man.