Double click on a cross

Hi all,

When I double click on a cross, in an application, everithing shut down, even if the window is not the main window.

Is it normal?

I’ve try on various theme, it’s always the same

It must be the the application does not support close client-message, and hence, the window manager kills the connection to the X server (which ends the application). In fvwm use Delete instead of Close not to kill apps not compatible with this close client message (be you have to tell the application to close the windows in a menu or toolbar button).

Almost. It’s “Destroy” which exhibits this behaviour – essentially the window (or indeed ‘Client’ in this instance) is wrenched from the Xserver, possibly killing it in the process. “Delete” just undraws the window (in effect), without the niceness that “Close” has.

Note that not all clients respond to “Delete” well, but it’s not a side-effect of “Destroy”, in anyway.

– Thomas Adam