Doubleclick is unreliable


In a ‘Linux from scratch’ I like to start the Acrobat with a doubleklick. But I must try it several times till the Reader starts. :frowning: Where is the mistake in this function?

ClickTime 750

DestroyFunc DoubleClick2
AddToFunc DoubleClick2
+ D Exec exec /opt/Acrobat/bin/acroread

# FvwmButtons icon launcher:
DestroyFunc Launcher
AddToFunc Launcher
+ I DestroyModuleConfig $0Launch: *
+ I *$0Launch: Geometry 90x90
+ I *$0Launch: Columns 1
+ I *$0Launch: Rows    4
+ I *$0Launch: Frame   0
+ I *$0Launch: (1x3+0+0, Icon $1, Action (Mouse 1) 'Doubleclick2')
+ I *$0Launch: Pixmap none
+ I *$0Launch: (1x1+0+3, Font -adobe-times-bold-r-*-*-18-*-*-*-*-*-*-*, \
                Fore #000000, Back #dddddd, Title $0)
+ I Style $0Launch HandleWidth 0, NoTitle
+ I Module FvwmButtons $3 $0Launch
+ I UpdateStyles

Launcher Adobe   AdobeReader.png    /opt/Acrobat/bin/acroread   "-g +10+120"


There is no mistake. You just need to change the CickTime.

– Thomas Adam


By Google I browsed through the explainations and examples of DoubleClick but I did not find a Clicktime to use. :confused:

Can you give me a hint or define a range to check?

Thank You

Why on Earth would you be using Google, when the man page tells you?

Oh, and DoubleClick doesn’t do what you think or want, it applies to menus only.

– Thomas Adam