downgrading to version 2.6.5

I’m having too many problems with version 2.6.8, because FvwmTaskBar has been deprecated, and am trying to downgrade the latest version that has it, which appears to be 2.6.5. I’m running ubuntu 18.04. Ideally i’d be able to run

apt install fvwm=1:2.6.5-?? 

or something like this, but nothing close seems to work. Is there somewhere I can find an easily installable version of 2.6.5 or some other non-neanderthal version that still has the FvwmTaskBar module? Ideally something I can install with apt, or dpkg -i something.deb? or even a .tar file?

Thanks very much for any help

If what you want is FvwmTaskBar, the suggestion is to use FvwmButtons + FvwmIconMan as a replacement

You can see instructions on how to build an FvwmTaskBar replacement there. The modules were removed because there are better alternatives, or they were broken in certain instances.

There probably isn’t an easy way to get an older .deb package in ubuntu, though maybe you can try a .deb from a previous version, this may not work or be broken. One thing you will loose is the xdg menu support.

If you really want to have the old module back (I suggest using the above replacement) you should use 2.6.6-stable branch

This is the last version before the modules were removed. You will have to compile it yourself, as there are no .deb packages made for this.

Ubuntu has official archive servers for old packages. You can have a look here][/url]

To install, first download the package, then change to download directory and then install with (example):

sudo dpkg -i fvwm_2.6.5.ds-4.1_amd64.deb

Be sure to get the correct architecture: 64bit: amd64 or 32bit i386.
Also have a look at the *.dsc file for required additional packages and versions.

Best way though, would be to upgrade your configuration files to the new version.

Thanks to both of you for suggestions.

I tried for several days to get the taskbar working in the new version but couldn’t get anything to work. The various postings on the subject all assumed more knowledge than I have, and gave code snippits rather than a complete setup. I wish there was a tutorial that gave a basic taskbar template for 2.6.8, no frills, from scratch. So I went back to 2.6.6 and did get my taskbar working.