Can someone give me directions for downloading FVWM. I went to the website and tried to download both the 2.4.19 file and the Debian package file but usually nothing happens. Recently I finally got something, it went to an ftp site but didn’t allow me to do anything there. I haven’t used ftp in over 10 years, so could someone tell me how to download this file. Or is there a mirror somewhere I can try to download from?


I found many webside to downloading the fvwm and debian files.For example,when you enter this web,you can see a hyperlink
then you click the hyperlink,and you will find a download pages.But my computer’s OS is Fedora 4,I don’t know does the fvwm can run on it.I’m afraid there are to many configration file to learn.

Can’t you use your distro’s (do you have Debian or Ubuntu?) package manager? If you can find FVWM there, you really should use it instead of manually downloading it from the Internet. Package manager is always the best way to install/update/manage software in Linux.

PS. The links here work flawlessly for me and my Firefox 1.0.7 / Gentoo.

I am using Ubuntu and I did a search in Synaptic Package Manager. It was not there.

OK, so let me recap the main points:

  1. You’re using Ubuntu.
  2. For whatever (strange and unbeknown) reason, you’re not using the
    ubuntu FVWM package.
  3. Since you don’t know how to download the FVWM tarbal which is clearly
    marked on the FVWM site, you’re pretty much stuffed.

So. Here’s what you do. If you haven’t done so already, apt-get install
wget. Then you can enter the following:

wget -c

You should then have a nice FVWM tarball with which you can compile FVWM
with – this must be the logical choice for you, since you don’t want to
use Ubuntu’s already packaged version of it. More information about
FVWM’s compilation process is in the INSTALL file within the tarball as
well as on the FvwmWiki, here:

– Thomas Adam

If fvwm is not in synaptic, you probably have to enable the extra repos. fvwm is in the universe repository. Go here to learn how to enable repos: