Drafting guidelines for Basic questions

A lot of stuff that doesn’t belong there end up in Basic questions, so where do we draw the line? And where should we draw the line?

I would like to draft some clear guidelines as to what belongs in Basic questions and what certainly doesn’t belong there. Any input is more than welcome.

So the obvious ones:

What does NOT belong there:
[]Questions about decorations and bindings, this means both key and mouse bindings, obviously as there is already a forum for that…[/:m]
[]Things that are not really questions => General FVWM discussion.[/:m]
[]Scripting questions => the FvwmScript and Other languages forums are there for a reason.[/:m]
[]“Why doesn’t FVWM do this or that?” => either Feature requests or General Fvwm discussion.[/:m]
[]You use Fvwm themes and have problems with it? => the Fvwm themes forum[/:m]
[]Can’t get Fvwm installed? => Installation[/:m]
[]Got this cool config or screenshot or (preferably) both? => Screenshots & confis[/:m][/list:u]
Those were obvious (I hope) but it never hurts reiterating them :wink:

So when does something go in General configuration questions?
[list][]You have a function that does more than make some titlebar button do simple actions like move or close a window, but isn’t ‘heavy’ enough to be called a complex function, this is partially a matter of feeling I suppose[/:m][/list:u]
Well, that’s all I could think of at the moment, I’ll edit this post when I think of more, don’t hesitate to make suggestions, we can really really use them :slight_smile:


I guess this thread was started because I edited my posts to add a note about posting in the right or wrong forum.

I agree with the things you mention, but there’s something that confuses me a bit.
What is the difference between ‘basic questions’ and ‘general configuration questions’?

I noticed that a lot of the posts in both sections might be better in the other section. I guess due to the fact that the ‘general configuration questions’ is at the bottom of the page, people tend to post in the basic questions because that’s the first they see that is ok to post most of the questions in. (or is that just me being to lazy to scroll down?:?)

Just my thoughts and the reason why I edited my post.


It partially was, also because I’ve already tired to draft some guidelines and failed and because it will make things quite easier for the moderators if there are more or less fixed guidelines for what belongs where…

I’ll have to have a look at the forum structure, I might have to shift a few things about…

No – that I don’t mind, as I’ll just shift it elsewhere. What really annoys me is when people (almost deliberately) just put a thread in any section, without any thought.

Basic questions are just that – small things that can be solved quite quickly. It has also of late (hence the reason for this post) become a dumping-ground for miscellanous questions, something I am keen to avoid.

General Configuration Questions are usually much longer in nature – things that you have tried solving yourself, and don’t know how best to proceed.

It’s you being lazy.

– Thomas Adam