drag and drop

Hi there!

How can i do the following:

I’m browsing the Internet, and i found a Link to an Audiofile, Soundcloud or something else. In my FvwmButton is an applet swallowed (FvwmScript). I want to drag and drop the link to a widget in this applet, an a command will add this link to the mpd-playlist.

But i have no idea, how to make this.


Could this be done with FvwmWharf? I have not tried this module. I tried FvwmDragWell but I could not make it work, so I am now using ROX to drag-and-drop.


It isn’t possible. See FVWM: Drag’n Drop.

There was a discussion in 2006 and some years earlier about that but nothing happens since then.

The only thing you (scientific) can do is what Thomas Adam mentioned:

– Thomas –