DTO config

My screenshot is at dto.twu.net/test3.png

My theme page is at dto.freeshell.org/notebook/FvwmConfig.html

This is my first theme (a work in progress.) When the package is ready it will be posted on my FvwmConfig page.

I completely redesigned my configuration. It is now based on building a single big screen out of disparate apps (emacs, fvwm, xterm, conky) without there being any visible borders between them.

You can see the result at dto.freeshell.org/images/shot.png

and download the config from dto.freeshell.org/packages/fvwm-config.tar.gz

I am embedding this fvwm config into a larger set of configs called DTOX. The URL for that project is dto.freeshell.org/notebook/Dtox.html


nice :wink:
Could you tell me plz what is the colors part of your xterm ?
I think there is a script behind this to parse X11 colors , isn’t it ?

i did sometimes ago something similar with perltk but not very usefull.


BTW , your karmapod is great , congratulations.

EDIT: oh… emacs inside maybe ?