Dual monitor & pages


I’m using 2.6.5 with two monitors side by side. Both monitors share a page by default (or so the pager indicates). This is ok, but for some reason selecting windows by page (e.g. CurrentPage) is only selecting windows on the current monitor. Is there a way I can set it up so that CurrentPage grabs all windows on both monitors?

Hi @jsbmg

That should already be the case. Can you share your config, and the command you’re using, so I can get an idea about what’s happening?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. Here’s my config in its entirety:


And the function in question is:

AddToFunc FvwmExpose
+ I Current SetEnv CURRENTWINDOW $[w.id]
+ I AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu "Expose" Title
+ I + DynamicPopDownAction DestroyMenu FvwmExposeMenu
+ I All (!Iconic !Shaded AcceptsFocus) \
    PipeRead "echo Raise; \
        xwd -silent -id $[w.id] | convert -scale 128 -frame 1x1 -mattecolor white -quality 0 xwd:- \
        png:$[FVWM_USERDIR]/tmp/icon.exp.$[w.id].png \
    && echo AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu \
    %$[FVWM_USERDIR]/tmp/icon.exp.$[w.id].png%\\\'\"$[w.name]\"\\\' WindowId $[w.id] FocusRaise\
        && echo AddToMenu FvwmExposeMenu \\\"\\\" Nop \
    || Nop"
+ I WindowId $[CURRENTWINDOW] WarpToWindow
+ I Menu FvwmExposeMenu Root c c
+ I Exec exec rm -f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/tmp/icon.exp.*

…which is being discussed in a different thread. But I’m getting some strange behavior.

For some reason, with CurrentPage disabled, on Page 0 0, it grabs all the windows on both monitors, but none on Page 0 1 (I only use two pages). But on Page 0 1, it attempts to grab some of the pages on Page 0 0 (but not all). I currently use the function this way because on Page 0 0 it mimics the behavior I want (on Page 0 1 I just refrain from using it).

That said, my intended behavior is to use CurrentPage, such that when the function is invoked all windows on both monitors are selected, but none on any other pages that are not currently in view. Hope that makes sense.