Dual monitors


Ok, this is a qestion that has to do with having two monitors:

If I have two monitors available to me, and I want application Foo to always startup on monitor 1, and I want application Bite_me to start up on monitor 2, is there anyway for FVWM to handle this (e.g., a style of something - that says, you start up over here)?

I need to do something like this here at work. The monitors are not (as far as I know) an extension of each other (Like is possible to set up under Microsofts OS) - they are individual monitors - separate from each other.

So, in this set up, is it possible for the window manager to control these 2 monitors? or would I need some other application to control the placement of the applications?

  • Skender

Look at the ‘StartsOnScreen’ style option. I don’t have a dual-head setup, so I can’t answer your other questions.

– Thomas Adam

You might want to read up on Xinerama a little bit. That will make it possible to use the two monitors as one monitor. Otherwise you will not be able to move the windows from one screen to another.

That’s just it – I DO NOT WANT to be use both monitors as a single monitor. I want the two monitors to be treated as two different separate display devices - but I do want to be able to say:

Foo_a is displayed on the Left Hand Monitor.
Foo_b is displayed on the Right Hand Monitor.

According to the Man page “startOnScreen” should be able to handle it… should being the operative word.

It’s the definition of Xinerama that your multiple screens are treated as one big screen, if you want them to be treated separately you definitely don’t want to use Xinerama, just define two screens in your X configuration file and add those to the layout you use.


Ok, since I am still a newbie with X config - how would I go about doing something like that? I need to tell X that I have two monitors, and then in my layout (.fvwm2rc file?) tell each application which monitor to appear on?? Something like that?