Dynamic updation of Mini Icons

I have configured fvwm2.4.19 and fvwm-themes0.6.2.

Whenever I edit a file using Vim (from an xterm), the mini-icon on the FvwmTaskbar does not change from “terminal” to “Vim icon”. When I do a “Recapture”, icons are updated. Same is the case when I quit Vim. To get the icon back to “terminal”, i need a Recapture again.

Am I missing something with the configuration?? :unamused:

Thanks in advance.

I think that the thing you’re looking for, is:

EDIT: Keep in mind, though, since you are using fvwm-themes, that you would need to save the fvwm-themes configuration that you are using into a single file, and add the dynamic mini-icon stuff inside that configuration file, and use that configuration file for your fvwm-themes to use.
I don’t have much knowledge about fvwm-themes, so I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with that.