EdgeCommand with modifier?

Is it possible to use edgecommand with modifier (e.g. ctrl)

At the moment i can bring windows to the edge of the screen to move throughout pages, however i want to be able to press ctrl and edgecommand to be able to use a aerosnap-like feature

I think the closest you can get is using key bindings (not a modifier) to turn EdgeScroll on/off and replace it with custom EdgeCommands. So you could say write a function, that uses EdgeCommand to get your aerosnap-like feature, bind it to a key binding that turns this feature on. You could then set up some logic to make the key binding toggle EdgeScroll your AeroSnap feature, or even use schedule that will automatically revert the setup after a set time.

This isn’t what you want to do, but I have this setup with Scroll Lock to turn toggle EdgeScroll on/off. You could modify this to turn you AeroSnap like feature on/off (or as I said just use Schedule to automatically turn it off after some time).

InfoStoreAdd AllowEdgeScroll True
DestroyFunc ToggleEdgeScroll
AddToFunc ToggleEdgeScroll
+ I Test (EnvMatch infostore.AllowEdgeScroll True) SetEdgeScroll 0 0 False
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) SetEdgeScroll 100 100 True

DestroyFunc SetEdgeScroll
AddToFunc SetEdgeScroll
+ I EdgeScroll $0 $1
+ I InfoStoreAdd AllowEdgeScroll $2

Key Pause A A ToggleEdgeScroll