EdgeScroll for fvwm on vnc

Hi folks,

for home office I am running fvwm 2.6.8 in a VNC session, using the native resolution of my monitor at home. Fullscreen. EdgeScroll is set to

EdgeResistance          0
EdgeScroll              100 100
EdgeThickness           2

Problem: If the mouse hits (lets say) the right edge, then the shown screen hops several virtual screens to the right, instead of just a single screen, as known from fvwm on Xorg. The mouse pointer is not warped to the left edge, either.

Is there a way to fix this? Any known workarounds?

Every helpful comment is highly appreciated.


PS: Tried fvwm3 1.0.3 as well. Same problem (but I will keep it. Good work, guys.)

Try to change your EdgeResistance. You have it set to 0, which means it will change the view port after zero milliseconds, but since you are using VNC the mouse isn’t wrapped to the other edge like it would be otherwise. Maybe you can increase this a bit so the delay will make it so it doesn’t trigger multiple pages at once.

If I got this correctly, the problem is the mouse is not wrapped to the other edge for Xvnc. How comes? Since the delay (EdgeResistence) appears to be a config item for fvwm, this wrapping might be a fvwm feature, too. Is it?

The issue is VNC, since you are viewing fvwm inside a window, fvwm doesn’t actually have control over the mouse (the mouse is controlled by whatever window manager you are running the VNC viewer in) and cannot move the pointer. This is just how VNC works, so you’ll want to either adjust the EdgeResistence, or just don’t use EdgeScroll and use another method to change pages while viewing fvwm inside of VNC.