Elimating Space Between Minimized Icons

I have tried something like this:
Style * IconBox 0 -2 -1 -1, IconGrid 1 1, IconFill left bottom

But I don’t want any distance between the minimized icons, setting IconGrid to 0 0 doesn’t work.

What am I missing?

My icon launcher with +90 distance:

DLauncher Iconify $[dLicons]/iconifyBkg.png "AIconic" "-g +15-15"
DLauncher OverView $[dLicons]/overViewBkg.png 'SloppyExpFocus' "-g +105-15"
DLauncher Tile $[dLicons]/tileBkg.png "WTile" "-g +195-15"
DLauncher WorkDesk $[dLicons]/work.png "WorkD" "-g +285-15"


Cool but I don’t want any space in between my minimized icons.

In my example, the FvwmButtons, each icon has its own geometry (“-g +15-15”, “-g +105-15”, “-g +195-15”, and “-g +285-15”). Can be placed anywhere or without space, and with a visible button frame (80x80). My sample shows only the icon (48x48).
Copied from Fvwm Viki.

Rasat, your answers have nothing to do with the question being asked. FvwmButtons and putting icons on the desktop is not the same thing as the iconfied icons put by fvwm.