emacs in terminal and shift keys

I am a emacs newbie, and i prefer to work in linux terminal - or with the -nw switch within X.
I have been searching all over the web how to use the shift-keys in emacs, but without success.
As a newbie in both emacs and lisp/elisp there have been some directives on the web that i doesn’t really understand.

My system : ubuntu hardy 32bit running on a pc amd 64
I just want to enable shift keys for emacs in terminal-mode.


I hate this – I really do: Not only was your post only posted two days ago (and hence well within a suitable and acceptable time limit for people not to have answered yet), but you’re bumping a thread which is deliberately off-topic. So getting a response on that from people who read these forums for FVWM, is not only unlikely, but expected to take time.

So here’s some free advice: Have a look at emacswiki.org

– Thomas Adam

I apologize for bad netiquette from my side.

Thanks for that link, i have searched a lot on the net and a lot of forums regarding this,

I have some elisp files with key-bindings that claims that they should work in console, and as i don’t get it to work - and i neither successed to get vim to work with mappings to the shiftkeys in terminal, it make me think there is something wrong with the terminalspecific settings - tty or keymap or … yes - there i am lost.