enable buttons with a double click


Currently I have several buttons which I can enable with a single click. I find that when I’m moving the mouse, sometimes they become enabled accidently. I would like to enable them with a double click. Is there any way to do this.

Thanks in advance


Buttons on where? If it’s the titlebar, then for whichever function you’re binding, set all or some or whatever to use the double click action:

+ D somecommand

– Thomas Adam

<<Buttons on where?>> Oops I should have said I’m using FvwmButtons on the desktop.


Same principle applies – for whatever action your FvwmButtons are set to invoke, either put them in a function if they’re not already prefixed with +D (as previous post), or just change the modifier to +D.


*A: (1x1, Title "Hello", Action (Mouse 1) Function B)

DestroyFunc B
AddToFunc   B
+ D Command1
+ D Command2
+ C Command3

Module FvwmButtons A

– Thomas Adam

Sorry to be dense, but I can’t get it work. I tried this

*FvwmButtons: (Title xclipboard Action D Exec xclipboard)

and also

*FvwmButtons: (Title xclipboard Action +D Exec xclipboard)

Neither worked after restarting.

By the way, where is the mouse modifiers documented. I couldn’t find them in the man1 pages. For example, I found

Mouse 1 TS A FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX Move

but no definition of what A means

Thanks for your help


You’re missing commas to separate out the actions, hence:

 *FvwmButtons:       (Title xclipboard, Action `D Exec xclipboard`)

More fundamentally than that, you’re also not reading or understanding what I’ve been telling you. To convert your made-up and broken syntax into something which works, see the following:

 *FvwmButtons:       (Title xclipboard, Action SomeFunction)

DestroyFunc SomeFunction
AddToFunc   SomeFunction
+ D Exec exec xclipboard

Note also that using an alias of just FvwmButtons is a bad idea, since it creates problems if you want more than that one instance.

This is completely tangential to your original question, but “A” means any modifier. It’s in the manpage under the description for the Mouse command, funnily enough.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, thomasadm, I used your suggestions and used a function and it worked. Probably should have used functions when I started but I was in a hurry to get it working and stole the lines from some sample config file somewhere. Also, I wanted to keep my config file as short as possible.

I searched through the man pages (fvwm2.1) for mouse commands but didn’t find it, so that’s the reason I asked. No biggie, since all I want to do is get it running the way I want.

Thanks again.



Umm, yes, that’s everything that’s still in ‘man fvwm’ anyway. The point I was getting across, politely, is that it’s still in the manpage.

– Thomas Adam

dante65 wrote:http://www.fvwm.org/doc/unstable/commands/Mouse.html

Umm, yes, that’s everything that’s still in ‘man fvwm’ anyway. The point I was getting across, politely, is that it’s still in the manpage.

It seemed to me that he could not find it anyway…