Error: Couldn't load image from [imagename here]

Hello all! Last week I installed FVWM2 v2.4.19. Built on Slackware 8.1 myself thusly:

% configure --prefix=/usr/local
% make
% su -
Password: ********
% make install

I then downloaded the icons and sounds file “ … _icons.tgz”. The instructions say it will extract into a directory “fvwm_icons”, which it did. The path is /home/brad/downloads/FVWM/fvwm_icons". I then copied a working system.fvwm2rc file to my home directory as “.fvwm2rc”. I say working because I had a running, older copy, of FVWM2 from the Slackware 8.1 installation using the particular system.fvwm2rc file.

Now, when I start FVWM2 with the startx command, the pop-up menus, etc… appear, but the icons do not appear where they should. Returning back to the console, a bunch of error mesages appear:

[FVWM][ScanForPixmap]: <> Couldn’t load image from mini-icon.xpm

and so on.

I think the icons and sound files should be moved to another directory, so FVWM can find them, but I’m not sure where. Would someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!!

I just added PixmapPath and IconPath to no avail. I also confirmed that the filenames in the .fvwm2rc match those available pixmaps in the fvwm_icons directory. No joy.

Please help.

What does fvwm-config --info tell you?
I’d bet you’re missing support for xpm/png.

At configure stage, you get a report at the end where it tells you what is enabled/disabled. To have for example png support, you first need to install libpng (it’s a while since I’ve used slack, so I’m not entirely sure if it splits the software into header-package too, so you might need to check that).

After making sure you have the required packages installed, and if configure can’t find them, you can tell the location of them manually to configure with --with-png-includes -switch and --with-png-library -switch.
Consult configure --help for more information.

What about using ‘ImagePath’ instead of ‘PixmapPath’?

I just performed a

fine / -name mini-clock.xpm 2>/dev/null

and apparently I don’t have the pixmaps. Maybe that is why I get the errors. Where do I get pixmaps and where should I install them? The FVWM icons and sound files directions are unclear.


– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the quick response. I’m heading there now. I’m having trouble with a missing library called “libpangoxft” when installing Mozilla Firefox. So, maybe there is a connection with a missing xpm/png support.

By the way, the results of ‘fvwm-config --info’ are as follows:

Package: fvwm
Version: 2.4.19

Instalation options:
	prefix: /usr/local
	exec-prefix: /usr/local
	bindir: /usr/local/bin
	datadir: /usr/local/share
	libexecdir: /usr/local/libexec
	sysconfdir: /usr/local/etc
	mandir: /usr/local/man

Compiled-in paths:
	Module directory: /usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.4.19
	Data directory: /usr/local/share/fvwm
	Default ImagePath: /usr/include/X11/bitmaps:/usr/include/X11/pixmaps
	Default UserDir: $HOME/.fvwm

Support for features:
	gnome-hints (window manager hints): yes
	gtk (FvwmGtk): no
	gdk-imlib (in FvwmGtk): no
	gnome-libs (in FvwmGtk): no
	multibyte: no
	readline: yes
	rplay: no
	shape (shaped windows): yes
	sm (session management): yes
	stroke: no
	xinerama: yes
	xpm: yes

Looks like I have support for xpm built in, but I don’t see png in the report list.

Again, thanks,

They’re not related.

Yeesh. Try and use 2.5.16, please.

What does the output of the command list?:

fvwm --version

If that doesn’t mention PNG support, you will need to ensure you install the libpng header files.

– Thomas Adam

Well, now I feel I must defend myself (yeesh). I didn’t download 2.5.16 because it was marked as the “latest unstable release”. Unstable is not my cup of tea.

The output of fvwm -version is

FVWM version 2.4.19 compiled on May 12 2006 at 15:59:46
with support for: ReadLine, XPM, GNOME WM hints, Shape, SM, Xinerama

You’re ill-informed. It’s OK. I can see how you might think: unstable – bad. Let me tell you though that this is not the case with FVWM. Although it’s marked as “unstable”, it really isn’t.

I wasn’t very clear before, since I was under the assumption you were already running 2.5.16 on the proviso of my previous post. 2.4.X does NOT have PNG support – that was introduced into FVWM 2.5.X around version 2.5.1, IIRC. So if you want PNG support, use 2.5.16, else convert all your icons to XPM format if you can’t live without 2.4.19.

– Thomas Adam

Downloaded, then ran ./configure. Then, “make icondir=/usr/include/X11/pixmaps”, then su’d and then ran ‘make install’. Works like a charm. The main problem is that the .fvwm2rc Slackware released refers to “mini-.xpm”, yet the Pixmaps I just downloaded use “mini..xpm”. So, I have to change a number of references within the default .fvwm2rc. But, after that, I’m up and running. Thanks a lot!!!