error in manpage ?

The example for TestRc in man fvwm is

[code]AddToFunc ToggleXterm

  • I Any (my_xtermwindow) Close
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) Exec xterm -T my_xtermwindow[/code]

The man reads that the command after Any is in the context of the root window, and hence Close applies to the root window and not my_xtermwindow.

If someone can confirm or infirm this is a mistake, I’ll send a bug report.

It is within the context of the root-window, yes. For readability purposes, assuming my_xtermwindow is a window title, then quoting it would probably jelp, but shouldn’t affect things. That said, it should still work. Is it the case that it isn’t for you?

– Thomas Adam

If there is no window named my_xtermwindow, it opens a new one, however, whenever it is opened, it is not closed, which means that the rc for the command Any is Match, but the close command fails, since it applies to the root window. I guess it is not what manpage authors intended to do.

I see. If a window is open, the condition matches, but the context is not that window, instead it is the root window. The real question is if this is a bug in the Any command, or is it a typological error in the man page.

If the keyword Any is replaced with All, it does what I think they are trying to do in the man page.