evilwm-like key bindings.

I can’t remember who the hell it was that requested this via IRC, so I’m posting it here in case they ever check here. I’ve VERY quickly mocked up what I am told are the key-bindings that evilwm uses, for FVWM. Here they are:

# evilwm-like keybindings for FVWM.

Mouse 1 SF Move
Mouse 2 SF Resize
Mouse 3 SF Lower

Mouse 1 W M Move
Mouse 2 W M Resize
Mouse 3 W M Lower

# Key Bindings

Key Return A CM  Exec exec xterm

# Note that the sequence 'Ctrl Alt Escape' is defined by FVWM 
# to run the EscapeFunc to exit out of a stalled Wait or
# ModuleSynchronous command.  This needs redefining in lieu of the fact
# that evilwm defines this key sequence to close a window.

Key Escape A CS EscapeFunc
Key Escape A CM Close
Key Insert A CM Lower

Key H A CM Move w-16p
Key J A CM Move w+16p
Key K A CM Move w+-16p
Key L A CM Move w16p

Key H A SM Resize Direction West
Key J A SM Resize Direction South
Key K A SM Resize Direction North
Key L A SM Resize Direction East

Key Y A CM Move 0 0
Key U A CM Move 0 +0
Key B A CM Move -0 0
Key N A CM Move -0 -0
Key I A CM Module FvwmIdent
Key X A CM Maximize
Key = A CM Maximize 0 Vertical

Key F A CM Stick

Key 1 A CM GotoDesk 1
Key 2 A CM GotoDesk 2
Key 3 A CM GotoDesk 3
Key 4 A CM GotoDesk 4
Key 5 A CM GotoDesk 5
Key 6 A CM GotoDesk 6
Key 7 A CM GotoDesk 7
Key 8 A CM GotoDesk 8

Key Left A CM GotoDesk prev
Key Right A CM GotoDesk +1

– Thomas Adam