EwmhBaseStruts doesn't work while moving/resizing a window

Hi! I have a panel at the top of my screen, and I want to prevent it from being covered by a window, so I think the EwmhBaseStruts command might help. However, I found that it only works when the window is moved / resized non-interactively. If the window is moved / resized by dragging the mouse, the panel can still be covered. And if the StaysOnTop style is set for the panel, there would be another problem that the title bar of a window may be covered by the panel if it is moved there accidentally. I found the workaround mentioned here]https://www.mail-archive.com/fvwm@lists.math.uh.edu/msg16745.html[/url], but it doesn’t seems to be perfect. Is there a better solution, or is it a bug in FVWM? Thanks!

That’s normal. If you have other DEs or WMs this happens there, too. EwmhBaseStruts works fine if you maximize a window with the maximize button.

Yes, because the panel stays on layer 6 and a window on layer 4 - underneath the panel.

It isn’t a bug because EwmhBaseStruts only defines the working area for automation tasks where FVWM can handle the behaviour but if you do something manually how should FVWM knows about? Sorry, no solution available which fits your needs :confused: .

– Thomas –

I was also tying to solve this problem, but came to the conclusion that it’s not a problem after all. First, if you don’t want the panel to be covered, you can put it on Layer 6. If you do this, the panel can cover the title bars of other windows which may look bad. For that reason, I though that it should be possible to define the panel area to be taboo for other windows. However, there is a catch: if you’d do this, you would not anymore be able to drag windows to another virtual desktop if that would involve crossing the panel. The panel would effectively act like a barrier for moving windows.

I do not use virtual desktop, so this sounds good, but how can I define the panel area?