Example on how to move window to the other xinerama screen

This is a xinerama setting with two screens. I want to move the window under the cursor to the other screen pressing the . Screen 0 starts at the x position 1440 while screen 1 starts at x position 0 (yes, screen 0 is at the right of screen 1 :open_mouth: !). This is what I have come up with:

[code]Key s W 4 F-Screen

DestroyFunc F-Screen
AddToFunc F-Screen

  • I SetEnv v_window_x $[w.x]
  • I SetEnv v_screen 0
  • I PipeRead ‘[ “$[v_window_x]” -ge “1440” ] && echo SetEnv v_screen 1’
  • I MoveToScreen $[v_screen]
  • I WarpToWindow 50 50


Let me know if you have an easier example!