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I’ve got a problem with f-spot and its fullscreen mode. I only get a window, just like any other with window decorations and everything. It’s almost the same thing with the slideshow function but that window doesn’t have a titlebar and it’s also displaced (probably because of my EwmhBaseStruts setting). Another thing is that f-spot doesn’t place itself on top of all other windows. Fullscreen in other applications like mplayer and eog works just fine.

I guess I could set a style for each window in fullscreen mode but is there a general solution to place these windows on top of all other, make them undecorated and place them in the top left corner? It would be good if I didn’t have to write a new style for each application and/or window that behaves like this.

And another fullscreen related question: Right now I can move some fullscreen windows around and switch to other windows (using alt + tab). Can I in some way disable these things for fullscreened windows (not just f-spot)?

Any ideas?

To be honest, I didn’t read your post in its entirety, but I think that a piece of my config will help you

[code]DestroyFunc FullScreen
AddToFunc FullScreen

  • C EWMHBaseStruts 0 0 0 0
  • C Maximize
  • C EWMHBaseStruts 0 $[fvwm_icon_size] 75 30[/code]

(I cancel the EWMHBaseStruts, Maximize, then I put it again)

Or, maybe you want a style option to not affect the application by the EWMHBaseStruts.

Style ROX-Pinboard	EWMHPlacementIgnoreWorkingArea, EWMHMaximizeIgnoreWorkingArea

Make the rox pinboard in fullscreen when I begin it.

To use or remove the decor :

Style "your_appli" NoTitle


Style "your_appli" Title

or if you want to specify the decor

Style "your_appli" UseDecor "Decor_name"

Now, you can adapt it.

With your little problem with the maximize window and alt tab, you have to make your function.
There is a lot of them in this forum, and you’ll just have to put in the function :

  • I Next (!maximized) FlipFocus

I didn’t try it, but with that you can find it ^^
good luck, I hope I helped you.

EDIT : spelling mistakes and !maximise => !maximized

Yeesh, no. See how I rewrote the fullscreen function in FvwmCrystal:

DestroyFunc Fullscreen
AddToFunc Fullscreen
+ I ThisWindow (Maximized) Fullscreen-Stop
+ I TestRc (False) ThisWindow (!Maximized) Fullscreen-Start

DestroyFunc Fullscreen-Start
AddToFunc Fullscreen-Start
+ I WindowStyle !Title, !Borders, !Iconifiable, ResizeHintOverride
+ I UpdateStyles
+ I Maximize ewmhiwa 100 100
+ I WindowStyle !Maximizable, FixedSize, FixedPosition
+ I UpdateStyles

DestroyFunc Fullscreen-Stop
AddToFunc Fullscreen-Stop
+ I DestroyWindowStyle
+ I UpdateStyles
+ I ThisWindow (Maximized) Maximize

– Thomas Adam