filemanager suggestions

Well, I need some chef suggestions for a file manager :wink:

Hm, for what purpose?

I think konqueror is not bad, if you have a fast machine.

If you prefer Windows-Commander-Clones:

If you like a treeview, very fast execution:

On my system, XWC sometimes freezes, when I copy large directories.
Anyway I use it daily.
It installs RPM-archives and can extract/create tar.gz -archives via rightclick on files/folders.

In the cases when it freezes, I quit via “kill”-command and use “mc” (midnight commander = NortonCommander for DOS-Clone) in a terminal to copy.


Includes picture-browser and many plugins.

Greets, Mark

The only problem with konqueror is that it loads up half of KDE with it.

I’ve still not really found one I’m completely happy with, but the one I use most is rox

Actually, that’s not true. The file manager I use most is bash in combination with xterm and mv, cp ln, etc etc. But on the odd occasion I want to manage files using a mouse, then I use rox

Pah. I like moxfm :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam