Firefox crashes fvwm


I’m using fvwm 2.6.4 from opensuse linux 12.2 (I know it may not be supported, but this bug has also been reported for version 2.6.5 by others) and firefox 17.0.

When I’m browsing in the web for several minutes fvwm crashes on clicking a button on the web page or clicking the middle mouse button. It is not really exactly reproducable but it happens every time on using firefox for some minutes. This is really a problem for me because all other applications are closed including jobs with long running time. For this reason I can’t using fvwm any more until there is any solution to this problem.

I know this bug has been reported several times (e.g. in april 2010) but I did not found any solution.

Merry Christmas!

FVWM is too good. As a temporary solution just use Firefox 16. I still use Firefox 15.

Happy New 2013 Year! :slight_smile:

I’m not interessted in new Firefox features, but security issues in Firefox are too dangerous to use an old version.

Meanwhile I use mwm and hope the problem will be fixed with next FVWM version.

Can you link to the bug report regarding this bug?

One bug report I found is
It’s more general in my case, not only the back button but every gui interaction with firefox can crash FVWM.

Looks like there is a patch there. Did you try it?

Also, the bug been assigned to someone so there is hope.

You are right - with the patch it does not crash.

Happy new year!