firefox tabs


Can anyone tell me how to get tabs like Fluxbox uses? That way i can follow a tutorial in Firefox.

Any idea?


Fvwm doesn’t really support this. There was an old module FvwmTabs that tried to do this, but was mostly broken and has been removed in 2.6.7 and I would suggest not using it.

What is it you want out of tabs? Really all a tab is, is a button that changes which window is in view (if you say consider each instance of firefox its own window and the tab button shows one of the windows and hides the others).

You can try to achieve a similar effect to this with FvwmButtons or FvwmIconMan and only show the buttons/windows
that you want to easily be able to switch between and have buttons that will show the window you select and hide the ones
you don’t want.

There are lots of different ways you could configure this so Fvwm will switch between what window is visible to you.

Many apps these days provide their own tab feature, there are even some terminals that have tabs in them.

If this is a terminal issue, there is also things like tmux (or the older gnu screen) that can be used to switch between terminals.

As per the release notes, just use tabbed from suckless project.