First attempt - flat & simple

The font of the menu could be larger.

I really like that it. It seems to go with the bike in the background. I have to agree with shaozi though about the font.


nice dockbar!
I notice a skype systemtray icon -
can you please explain how to do the systemtray stuff in fvwm? :slight_smile:

Just swallow some trayicon app in an FvwmButtons, I keep a list of those here.

I yust compiled xystray but it doesn’t seem to have transparency, does any of those apps do?
MOD: “docker” from openbox doesn’t work and trayer refuses to compile :frowning:
MOD2: trayer compiled, but the gaim icon background is not transparent (skype is) - that’s weird :slight_smile:

None of them supports transparency afaik.

The background being transparent depends on the icon the application provides…and the one Gaim provides is (obvously) not transparent.