Fluid layout

Would you use the fluid layout option?

  • Yes, I have an elaborate setup and multiple boxes, with different resolutions
  • No, I’ll change everything by hand every time I need it

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I started my FVWM config.
It looks great, it feels great (thanks Voider and 6thpink :wink: ).
One thing which I believe FVWM is lacking: fluid layout. What do I mean by “fluid”? Like in a website: make this table cell 10% of the screen witdh. Instead of 20 pixels. One thing that a good FVWM config feels like: rigid - if you change the resolution, everything moves out-of-order…
I know that this would mean slowing down FVWM, but maybe cacheing the results of the conversions: 10% x 1024px = 103px somewhere could help.
I don’t know if this is simple, or even possible, but a top notch WM like FVWM would surely deserve something like this…

If I managed somehow to miss the part of the man which allows me to do something like this, I’m sorry. I might mention that I’m quite conservative as to my configs, and I prefer to use only the builtin FVWM functionality, and very few Perl/… script, as they tend to slow everything down :slight_smile:

I wonder what a FVWM dev would make out of this :slight_smile:

Two things:

  1. How often you really change your monitor resolution and why?
  2. I think any “fluidiness” can be achieved easily by using $[vp.width] and $[vp.height] variables. They tell you the viewport dimensions. You just have to code your desktop elements to take that info into account. Should not be too difficult.

Is there something in particular you cannot achieve using the above variables?

If you’d have 2 computers at home, some more at work, and a laptop, you’d agree with me :slight_smile:

I’ll try using viewport variables, they sound somewhat similar to what I’m looking for - but I have to RTFM first :wink: