fluxbox-like tabbing with fvwm


i wrote this posting in hope for some advice with tabbing in fvwm.
i loved tabbing in fluxbox, but i switched to fvwm and now i am looking for reasonable tabbing with fvwm with fvwmtabs. the first problem i have is that with

in my FvwmButtons i start 2 (!) tabs for some reason. i have no clue why. did not change anything in the config file. the second thing is that i have first to start a tab and then can add multiple windows (

) by clicking the buttons and then the windows…nothing compared to drag and drop with fluxbox. the handling with fvwmtabs is just pretty bad by default.
i hope that someone can give me some advice for optimising the handling. i am pretty sure, that some of you use fvwmtabs and have modified it to satisfy your needs. or maybe someone knows any alternatives.
thank you in advance,


Drag and Drop support is something that’s on the cards for inclusion, eventually.

You could write your own, or contribute things to FvwmTabs yourself. AFAIK, there aren’t any other alternatives.

– Thomas Adam

hi thomas,

thx for your reply. havent looked into this anymore, but i do not know if i can do something like you suggest. i will have a look, though.