Focus for Pidgin conversation windows


I came across the following problem: Pidgin conversation windows which get created when someone IMs, grabs the focus, and I dont want it to. I presume the same problem will occur for firefox popups too… I tried GrabFocusTransientOff but to no avail. I dont know what transient windows are defined to be, but I thought they mean windows that get created by apps and stuff? Anyway what is the actual workaround to this problem?

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– Thomas Adam

I tried the fix that the site suggested

Style * OverrideGrabFocus

It is now better. It doesnt change focus for every message. But it still brings a new chat window to focus, when someone else IMs for the first time… Is there any other flag that I should turn off/on ?

I also have another question regarding WindowList behavior.

My current configuration is:

DestroyFunc WindowListFunc
AddToFunc WindowListFunc

  • I Iconify off
  • I FlipFocus [NoWarp]
  • I Raise
    Key Tab A M WindowList NoDeskNum NoGeometry NoCurrentDeskTitle CurrentAtEnd

This ensures that the mouse doesn’t jump to the new window, and instead remains where I left it before pressing Alt-tab. But I dont want the mouse to move at all when Alt-tab is being pressed, unless I move it explicitly. Is there a way to do this, ie to dissociate the mouse from the (windowlist) menu?


That was not the fix suggested, The wiki page I pointed you at says to do:

DestroyFunc UrgencyFunc

Which will stop the condition for all cases. You could also use:

Style foo !FPFocusByProgram

No it doesn’t. The brackets around [NoWarp] shouldn’t be there. Remove them, then it will work.

– Thomas Adam

This is what I wanted to happen but when I tried the above code, it didn’t change anything. The chat window for GAIM still grabs the focus every time a message is received. Did I miss something?


Style foo !FPFocusByProgram

– Thomas Adam