focus problems

fvwm novice here, so please bear with.
Running fvwm wm on vnc session.
The current situation (copied .fvwm* and other files from somewhere else, fingers crossed, but behaves differently):

  • I have what appears to be two “desks” (Desk1 and Desk2) per what I see in a desk nagivation widget. Each is divided up into 4 sections, call them ulh (upper left hand), urh, llh, lrh and a single section takes up the whole screen. But you can navigate to other sections by clicking on the widget. I don’t know what you call this thing, but I hope it sounds familiar.

Problem 1:
If I’m in ulh section of Desk1, and moving the mouse out of the vnc session, off the bottom of the screen, it jumps to llh section.

  • I don’t want this behavior.
  • I don’t eevn want the multiple “desks” and sections, so if there’s a solution there, I’m all ears.

Problem 2:
Focus (mouse and keypad) seems to be a function of where I put the mouse. I want it to be a function of where I click. I also want the window I click in to be in the foreground. I also want focus to move if/when I pastes something into a window. For example, I highlight some text in xterm-1, then right-click in xterm-2. I want xterm-2 to take the foreground and be in focus (mouse and keypad).

Problem 3:
Getting focus is sometimes a function of whether or not Num-Lock is enables. Can I have focus (maouse and keypad and foreground) be a function of what I click in (or what I paste in) and not a function of the state of NuLock?

Thanks for any help.

Post your config to see how it is configured.


How to post a config? Which file(s)?

I was able to make some headway on some of this. I discovered some theme config assistant guis to help. But some of the unwanted behavior remains. I got rid of the desker pager, but it still behaves as if that space still exists. IOW, it’s like the entire workspace is (for example) 100x100 but a single desktop’s worth of the vnc session is only 25x25. When I run the cursor over to a boundary, it automatically jumps over to the next part of the workspace. I either want a single 25x25, or to display the 100x100 in a single screen, no “invisible” parts of the workspace. So that’s still annoying.

Also, I found that .Xdefautls is, theoretically, referenced by fvwm2. But changing some of the config in there doesn’t seem to have any affect. Trying to control window focus behavior (raise and keyboard a function of mouseclick, not pointer position). So that’s still problematic.

The main config in ~/.fvwm/ is .fvwm2rc or config
From the FAQ:

So open the config in an editor mark all and paste it between the code tags.

To change it to a single desk search for DeskTopSize and change it to DeskTopSize 1x1
Another thing you can do to stop switching is, search for EdgeScroll and change it to EdgeScroll 0 0

Hmm, don’t know how VNC have to be configured. I don’t use it. So can’t help.

Part of Archwiki about .Xdefaults:

So this file is used for x applications and the behaviour of the x-server not for a window manager.

Don’t be angry if saying this but perhaps you should do more RTFM to understand how Fvwm is working and how it is build on. Here some start points][/url]


Neither “DeskTopSize 1x1” (which I found in .fvwm2rc-modules) nor “EdgeScroll 0 0” (which I found in .fvwm2rc-theme) worked (including together).

There appear to be many files at play here. There are 4 different .fvwm2rc files (.fvwm2rc with -theme, -setup, -modles flavors). There are several .X* files (.Xdefaults, .Xauthority, .Xmodmap and I’m told .Xresources (which I do not have)), and there’s .vnc/xstartup. There may be more, and not knowing what they are may be part of the problem, but there’s at least these. I don’t know how they all interact, which ones run first, what clobbers what, etc… .

I could RTFM (no offense BTW), but I have a real job to try to do in the meantime. I just want the windows to behave… not dissapear when I move the cursor, stay in focus and stay raised, even if I move the pointer, keyboard focus too, and not have to turn off NumLock to get things to behave because I need it to be “on” for emacs to work right. At this point, I don’t care about fonts, colors, andy of the bells and whistles.

I think the root of the problem may lay outside what’s in my home dir because all the files (mentioned above) together in my home dir on a different computer cluster seems to work OK. All the above problems (except the NumLock thing) are not a problem there. But after I “cp -r” all of that over to a different computer cluster, these problems remain. It’s as if it’s referencing external files (add to the list). I’ll dive into all these files and look for anything that looks like that next.

Hi Dave,

as you said, that this configuration works on another cluster check the .vnc/xstartup there. I think this file is your problem.

I’ve searched a little bit and on some sites your .X* files appear, e.g.:
As I search with ‘vnc xstartup fvwm’ I found this][/url]
Perhaps this helps also][/url]

If not, sorry, then I can’t help you more :frowning:


The que is good

The focus tracking problem is the only one remaining at this time. To restate that problem…

The desired behavior is to be able to click in a window to get focus, whether or not the “Num-Lock” is on or off. If behaves properly is it’s off, but does not change focus if Num-Lock is on.

In fvwm2rc there is…
IgnoreModifiers L25

In fvwm2rc-theme, there is…
Style “*” ClickToFocus

Below are the fvwm files that are called (minus all the comments and blank lines). The lines with no indentation are from .fvwm2rc. Indentation is used to show the uncommented lines of the called (read) file(s). So everytimne you see a “Read”, expect an indented section of code to follow. It’s a real quadmire of files calling files, something I have to live with given where I work. Starting with .fvwm2rc…

IgnoreModifiers L25
PixmapPath (some path)/icons/
IconPath (some path)/icons/
ImagePath (some path)/icons/:+
Read /eclogin/1.0/ec/fvwm2rc-startup
(no uncommented lines)
Read .fvwm2rc-startup
AddToFunc “InitFunction”

  • “I” Module FvwmButtons
    AddToFunc “RestartFunction”
  • “I” Module FvwmButtons
    Read /eclogin/1.0/ec/fvwm2rc-modules
    FvwmPagerBack black
    FvwmPagerFore white
    FvwmPagerHilight red
    FvwmPagerGeometry -1-1
    FvwmPagerDeskTopScale 30
    FvwmPagerFont none
    FvwmPagerSmallFont -adobe-helvetica-medium-r--
    Style “FvwmTaskBar” NoTitle,BorderWidth 4, HandleWidth 4,Sticky,StaysOnTop
    FvwmTaskBarBack #c3c3c3
    FvwmTaskBarFore black
    FvwmTaskBarTipsBack bisque
    FvwmTaskBarTipsFore black
    FvwmTaskBarGeometry +0-1
    FvwmTaskBarFont -adobe-helvetica-medium-r--
    FvwmTaskBarSelFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r---14-------
    FvwmTaskBarStatusFont fixed
    FvwmTaskBarAction Click1 Iconify -1, Raise, Focus
    FvwmTaskBarAction Click2 Iconify +1, Lower
    FvwmTaskBarAction Click3 Iconify -1, Raise, Focus
    FvwmTaskBarButtonWidth 180
    FvwmTaskBarBellVolume 20
    FvwmTaskBarMailBox /var/spool/mail/
    FvwmTaskBarMailCommand Exec xterm -e elm
    FvwmTaskBarClockFormat %I:%M %p
    FvwmTaskBarStartName Start
    FvwmTaskBarStartMenu MainMenu
    FvwmTaskBarStartIcon mini-exp.xpm
    FvwmWinListBack DarkOliveGreen
    FvwmWinListFore PaleGoldenRod
    FvwmWinListFont --new century schoolbook-bold-r-

    FvwmWinListAction Click1 Iconify -1,Raise,Focus
    FvwmWinListAction Click2 Iconify
    FvwmWinListAction Click3 Module “FvwmIdent” FvwmIdent
    FvwmWinListGeometry -5+100
    FvwmWinListMinWidth 70
    FvwmWinListMaxWidth 120
    Read .fvwm2rc-modules
    DeskTopSize 1x1
    Read /eclogin/1.0/ec/fvwm2rc-vbuttonbar
    FvwmButtons(Swallow(UseOld) “xclock” ‘Exec xclock -analog -padding 0 &’)
    FvwmButtonsGeometry -1+1
    FvwmButtonsColumns 1
    FvwmPagerColumns 1
    DeskTopSize 2x4
    FvwmButtons(1x2, Swallow(UseOld) “FvwmPager” ‘FvwmPager 0 0’)
    Key F9 A C GotoPage 0 2
    Key F10 A C GotoPage 1 2
    Key F11 A C GotoPage 0 3
    Key F12 A C GotoPage 1 3
    FvwmButtons(Title Xterms…, Icon xterm.xpm, Action ‘Popup XtermPopup’)
    FvwmButtons(Title Apps…, Icon toolbox.xpm, Action ‘Popup Applications’)
    FvwmButtons(Title Web…, Icon mozilla.xpm, Action ‘Popup WebPages’)
    FvwmButtons(Title Fvwm2…, Icon fvwm.xpm, Action ‘Popup WManagerPopup’)
    FvwmButtons(Title Xlock, Icon xlock.xpm, Action ‘exec xlock -remote &’)
    Read .project.eclogin-link/fvwm2rc-modules
    (file does not exist)
    Read /eclogin/1.0/ec/fvwm2rc-theme
    Test (!EnvMatch EC_UNAME Linux
    ) WindowFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-

    Test (EnvMatch EC_UNAME Linux_2.4
    ) WindowFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-
    Test (EnvMatch EC_UNAME Linux
    ) Test (!EnvMatch EC_UNAME Linux_2.4
    ) WindowFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-
    IconFont fixed
    Style “" Color LightGrey/slateblue
    Style "FvwmButton
    ” Color black/peru
    Style “Console*” Color LightGrey/Black
    HilightColor black peru
    MenuStyle black tan white fixed fvwm anim
    Style “" MWMFunctions
    Style "
    ” MWMButtons
    Style “" NoPPosition
    Style "
    ” IconBox 1 1 600 400
    Style “" StickyIcon
    Style "
    ” HintOverride
    Style “" MWMDecor
    Style "
    ” DecorateTransient, NoPPosition
    Style “eclogin-alert” DumbPlacement, UsePPosition
    Style “" SmartPlacement
    Style "Search
    ” SmartPlacement
    Style “Select Request” DumbPlacement
    EdgeScroll 0 0
    EdgeResistance 300 150
    XORValue 200
    Style “" BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, Icon xterm.xpm, Title
    Style "Consol
    ” BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, Sticky, Icon xterm.xpm, Title
    Style “Search*” BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, WindowListSkip, ClickToFocus, NoTitle
    Style “login/out” BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, Icon mini-exclam.xpm
    Style “netscape” BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, Icon mini-nscape.xpm
    Style “xterm*” BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5, Icon xterm.xpm, Title
    Style “Fvwm*” NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip
    #Style “Fvwm Pager” StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, NoTitle
    #Style “FvwmPager” StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, NoTitle
    Style “FvwmBanner” StaysOnTop, Sticky, WindowListSkip
    Style “*lock” NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip
    Style “xload” WindowListSkip,
    Style “meminfo” WindowListSkip,
    #Style “FvwmButtons” NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, BorderWidth 0
    Style “FvwmButtons” WindowListSkip, Handles, NoTitle, BorderWidth 0
    TitleStyle ActiveUp (Solid tan) – sunk
    TitleStyle ActiveDown (Solid peru) – flat
    TitleStyle Inactive (Solid darkslateblue) – raised
    AddToFunc “Move-or-Raise” “M” Move
  •                     "M" Raise
  •                     "C" Raise
  •                     "D" Maximize 100 100

AddToFunc “Move-or-Lower” “M” Move

  •                     "M" Lower
  •                     "C" Lower
  •                     "D" RaiseLower

AddToFunc “Resize-or-Raise” “M” Resize

  •                     "M" Raise
  •                     "C" Raise
  •                     "D" RaiseLower

AddToFunc “Move-or-Iconify” “M” Move

  •    	 "C" Iconify

ButtonStyle 1 Vector 5 20x40@1 20x60@1 80x60@0 80x40@0 20x40@1
ButtonStyle 3 10 25x20@1 30x25@1 30x55@1 43x55@0 50x85@1 57x55@0
70x55@0 70x25@0 75x20@0 25x20@1
ButtonStyle 5 Vector 5 20x40@0 20x60@0 80x60@1 80x40@1 20x40@0
ButtonStyle 7 Vector 17 20x20@1 30x20@1 50x40@1 70x20@1 80x20@1
80x30@0 60x50@0 80x70@1 80x80@0 70x80@0 50x60@0 30x80@0
20x80@0 20x70@0 40x50@1 20x30@0 20x20@1
ButtonStyle 8 13 10x50@1 30x25@1 30x40@1 30x40@1 60x40@1 60x25@1
85x50@1 60x75@0 60x60@0 30x60@0 30x75@0 10x50@0 10x50@1
ButtonStyle 6 12 50x10@1 25x30@1 40x30@1 40x60@1 25x60@1 50x85@1
75x60@0 60x60@0 60x30@0 75x30@0 50x10@0 50x10@1
ButtonStyle 4 Vector 4 50x65@1 35x35@1 65x35@1 50x65@0
ButtonStyle 2 Vector 4 50x35@1 65x65@0 35x65@0 50x35@1
Mouse 0 1 A PopUp “Window_Ops”
Mouse 0 3 A Stick
Mouse 0 5 A WindowShade
Mouse 0 8 A Maximize 100 0
Mouse 0 6 A Maximize 0 100
Mouse 0 4 A Iconify
Mouse 0 2 A Maximize 100 100
Mouse 1 R A PopUp “MainMenu”
Mouse 2 R A WindowList
Mouse 3 R A PopUp “Window_Ops”
Mouse 4 R A Scroll +0 -20
Mouse 5 R A Scroll +0 +20
Mouse 4 A M Scroll +0 -10
Mouse 5 A M Scroll +0 +10
Mouse 4 A MC Scroll -10 +0
Mouse 5 A MC Scroll +10 +0
Mouse 1 I A Function “Move-or-Iconify”
Mouse 3 I A PopUp “Window_Ops”
Mouse 3 TSF A RaiseLower
Key Left A C Scroll -100 +0
Key Right A C Scroll +100 +0
Key Up A C Scroll +0 -100
Key Down A C Scroll +0 +100
Key Left A M Scroll -10 +0
Key Right A M Scroll +10 +0
Key Up A M Scroll +0 -10
Key Down A M Scroll +0 +10
Key F1 A M RaiseLower
Key F2 A M CirculateUp
Key F3 A M CirculateDown
Key F5 A M Popup “MainMenu”
Key F6 A M Module “WindowList”
Key F7 A M Iconify
Key F8 A M Maximize
Key F9 A M Resize
Key F9 A S GotoPage 0 0
Key F10 A S GotoPage 1 0
Key F11 A S GotoPage 0 1
Key F12 A S GotoPage 1 1
Key F9 R N GotoPage 0 0
Key F10 R N GotoPage 1 0
Key F11 R N GotoPage 0 1
Key F12 R N GotoPage 1 1
Read .fvwm2rc-theme
TitleStyle ActiveUp (HGradient 40 2 tan 50 peru 50 tan) – sunk
TitleStyle ActiveDown (HGradient 40 2 peru 50 tan 50 peru) – flat
TitleStyle Inactive (HGradient 40 2 darkslateblue 50 slateblue 50 darkslateblue)
Style “*” ClickToFocus
EdgeScroll 0 0
Read /eclogin/1.0/ec/fvwm2rc-menu
DestroyMenu “Applications”
AddToMenu Applications “Applications” Title

  • “Emacs %mini-emacs.xpm%” exec emacs &
  • “XEmacs %mini-xemacs.xpm%” exec xemacs &
  • “Vim %mini-gvim.xpm%” exec vim -g &
  • “Mozilla %mini-mozilla.xpm%” exec mozilla &
  • “Netscape (unsupported!) %mini.netscape.xpm%” exec netscape &
  • “Xcalc %mini-calc.xpm%” exec xcalc &
  • “Xmag %mini.xmag.xpm%” exec xmag &
  • “Xconsole %mini.xterm.xpm%” exec xconsole &
  • “” Nop
    DestroyMenu WebPages
    AddToMenu WebPages “Web Pages” Title
  • “EC Login Environment Documentation”
    exec url=/usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/doc/eclogin.html &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “EC Support (contact info by region)”
    exec url=“” &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “Circuit (internal home page)”
    exec url=“” &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “Intel (external home page)”
    exec url=“” &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “Intel Telephone Directory”
    exec url=“” &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “Google (internet search)”
    exec url=“” &&
    /usr/intel/common/pkgs/eclogin/1.0/bin/ $url &
  • “” Nop
    DestroyMenu “CascadeXtPopup”
    AddToMenu CascadeXtPopup “Cascading X Terminals” Title
  • "[1] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+0+0 &
  • " [2] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+40+40 &
  • " [3] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+80+80 &
  • " [4] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+120+120 &
  • " [5] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+160+160 &
  • " [6] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+200+200 &
  • " [7] " exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+240+240 &
  • " [8]" exec xterm -name BIG -geometry 80x40+280+280 &
    DestroyMenu “ColorXtPopup”
    AddToMenu ColorXtPopup “Color X Terminals” Title
    #used to be darkblue but blue4 is the portable name (darkblue absent on hpux)
  • “Dark Blue” exec xterm -bg blue4 -fg white &
  • “Steel Blue” exec xterm -bg steelblue -fg black &
  • “Black” exec xterm -bg black -fg white &
  • “Dark Green” exec xterm -bg darkgreen -fg white &
  • “Light Grey” exec xterm -bg lightgrey -fg black &
  • “” Nop
    DestroyMenu “XtermPopup”
    AddToMenu XtermPopup
  • “XTerm %mini.xterm.xpm%” exec xterm -n xterm &
  • “Color Xterms” Popup ColorXtPopup
  • “Cascading” Popup CascadeXtPopup
  •   "XTerm -C for console"		exec	xterm -n 'xterm console' &

DestroyMenu “BackgroundsPopup”
AddToMenu BackgroundsPopup “Backgrounds” Title

  • “Black” exec xsetroot -solid Black
  • “Dark Slate Grey” exec xsetroot -solid darkslategrey
  • “Dark Slate Blue” exec xsetroot -solid darkslateblue
  • “Dusty Blue” exec xsetroot -solid “#708090
  • “Dusty Purple” exec xsetroot -solid “#9090A9
  • “Dusty Green” exec xsetroot -solid “#709090
  • “Light Grey” exec xsetroot -solid lightgrey
  • “Dodger Blue” exec xsetroot -solid dodgerblue
  • “Royal Blue” exec xsetroot -solid royalblue
  • “Medium Blue” exec xsetroot -solid mediumblue
  • “Sea Green” exec xsetroot -solid seagreen
  • “Peru” exec xsetroot -solid peru
  • “Khaki” exec xsetroot -solid khaki
  • “Moccasin” exec xsetroot -solid moccasin
  • “Pale Goldenrod” exec xsetroot -solid palegoldenrod
    DestroyMenu “DefConPopup”
    AddToMenu DefConPopup “Other Window Mgrs.” Title
  • “(not all exist on all platforms)” Nop
  • " " Nop
  • “(restart) fvwm2 %mini.fvwm.xpm%” Restart fvwm2
  • " " Nop
  • “> NOTE: alternate window managers” Nop
  • “> listed here have been disabled” Nop
  • “> to avoid a potential trap for” Nop
  • “> users unaware of how to restart” Nop
  • “> fvwm2 from within another WM.” Nop
  • “> (eclogin does not provide any” Nop
  • “> configuration for other WMs)” Nop
  • "> " Nop
  • “> If you want these features, enable” Nop
  • “> from your .fvwm2rc-menu file.” Nop
  • “> Template may be found in” Nop
  • “> $EC_ENV_ROOT/user/fvwm2rc-menu if” Nop
  • “> you do not have the latest version.” Nop
  • " " Nop
  • “(disabled) twm %mini-twm.xpm%” Beep #Restart twm
  • “(disabled) mwm %mini-mwm.xpm%” Beep #Restart mwm
  • “(disabled) olvwm %mini-olwm.xpm%” Beep #Restart olvwm
    DestroyMenu “ModulesPopup”
    AddToMenu ModulesPopup “Fvwm2 Modules”
  • “(edit .fvwm2rc-menu to add modules)” Title
    DestroyMenu “ScrollPopup”
    AddToMenu ScrollPopup “Edge Scroll Control” Title
  • “No Edge Scrolling” EdgeScroll 0 0
  • “” Nop
  • “100%% Scroll” EdgeScroll 100 100
  • “50%% Scroll” EdgeScroll 50 50
  • “25%% Scroll” EdgeScroll 25 25
  • “10%% Scroll” EdgeScroll 10 10
  • “” Nop
  • “100%% Scroll w/wrap” EdgeScroll 100000 100000
  • “50%% Scroll w/wrap” EdgeScroll 50000 50000
  • “25%% Scroll w/wrap” EdgeScroll 25000 25000
  • “10%% Scroll w/wrap” EdgeScroll 10000 10000
    DestroyMenu “WManagerPopup”
    AddToMenu WManagerPopup “Window Manager” Title
  • “Background Colors %mini-palette.xpm%” Popup BackgroundsPopup
  • “Edge Scrolling %mini-move.xpm%” Popup ScrollPopup
  • “Fvwm2 Modules %mini.fvwm.xpm%” Popup ModulesPopup
  • “Other Window Mgrs. %mini-windows.xpm%” Popup DefConPopup
  • “” Nop
  • “Restart Fvwm2 %mini-turn.xpm%” Restart fvwm2
  •   ""					Nop
  • “Quit/Logout %mini-cross.xpm%” Quit
    AddToMenu SysWM “Desktop” Title
  • “Restart %mini-turn.xpm%” Restart fvwm2
  • “Lock %mini-lock.xpm%” exec xlock -remote &
  • “Quit/Logout %mini-cross.xpm%” Quit
    DestroyMenu “MainMenu”
    AddToMenu MainMenu “MainMenu” Title
  • “X Terminals %mini.xterm.xpm%” Popup XtermPopup
  • “Applications %mini-hammer.xpm%” Popup Applications
  • “Web Pages %mini-mozilla.xpm%” Popup WebPages
  • “Window Manager %mini.fvwm.xpm%” Popup WManagerPopup
  • “” Nop
  • “Lock Screen %mini-lock.xpm%” exec xlock -remote &
  • “Refresh Screen %mini.refresh.xpm%” Refresh
    DestroyMenu “Window_Ops”
    AddToMenu Window_Ops “Window_Ops” Title
  • “Move %mini.move.xpm%” Move
  • “Resize %mini.resize.xpm%” Function Resize-or-Raise
  • “Raise (Front) %mini.raise.xpm%” Raise
  • “Lower (Back) %mini.lower.xpm%” Lower
  •   "Refresh %mini.refresh.xpm%"			Refresh
  • “(De)Iconify %mini.iconify.xpm%” Iconify
  • “(Un)Stick %mini.stick.xpm%” Stick
  • “(Un)Maximize %mini.maximize.xpm%” Maximize
  • " Horizontal %mini.maximize-horiz.xpm%" Maximize 100 0
  • " Vertical %mini.maximize-vert.xpm" Maximize 0 100
  •   "(Un)WindowShade"				WindowShade
  • “” Nop
  • “Destroy/Kill %mini.destroy.xpm%” Destroy
  •   ""						Nop
  • “Close %mini-cross.xpm%” Close
    Read /eclogin/1.0/site/fvwm2rc-menu
    (no uncommented lines in this file)
    Read .project.eclogin-link/fvwm2rc-menu
    (no such file)
    Read .fvwm2rc-menu
    AddToMenu Applications
    AddToMenu ModulesPopup
  • “FvwmWinList” Module FvwmWinList

Hi Dave,

first, sorry for the late response :blush:

Now to your problem:
In it is described that the IgnoreModifiers command can interfere with ClickToFocus.

Here’s a link also where Thomas Adam described what’s the problem with IgnoreModifiers and ClickToFocus][/url]

Perhaps this could help a little bit or brings some light in the dark.


I found two other discussions where this problem describes][/url]

Thanks TF for your expertise. It works fine for me now. :smiley: