Can some1 help me out setting the focus? I dunno how to do what i want (only part of it…). Basically, it is equal to MS Windows (yeah, well, i’m confortable with it): Created windows get focus, clicked windows get focused and are raised, if you click on root window focus is nullified (none window get focus), and if mouse goes to other windows or root window focus still stays on the window that was clicked (the ClickToFocus settings).

i can set up ClickToFocus but dunno about the other details. I cant unfocus if there is only one window present, coz it wont ‘focus’ the root window.

help, anyone?

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Well, “clicktofocus” implies “FPGrabFocus” so any newly created windows will
receive this event. As for losing focus when the pointer is in the root
window when using clicktofocus – why should that matter at all?

– Thomas Adam

well, that was what i assumed as the source of my binding problem (not quite, but i thought it might had an influence). But since you solved that one :smiley: i can use clicktofocus straight up.