Forum guidelines

These are guidelines, not rules, we try to keep the rules to a minimum, there will be no explicit rules until it becomes necessary to start enforcing them, but we hope this will never happen. Don’t forget to check this topic sometimes, we just might extend it in the future :wink:


  1. New accounts that are not activated within a month after creation will be deleted.
  2. Warnings are issued when an account purposedly violates one of these guidelines or uses offensive language.
  3. Three warnings result in a ban, the length of which will depend on the violations.


  1. If you are posting a script for use by others prepend the topic with [Script] so people know it’s not a support question.
  2. If you can, prepend solved topics with [Solved].
  3. Stay on topic, if your question doesn’t fit in the topic create a new thead! Otherwise moderators will have to split out the off-topic stuff in the thread, which can lead to very queer “jumps” in threads.
  4. Only post in English unless you’re posting in a language specific forum (of which there are none at the moment)
  5. Please ensure that you do your best to categorise your question. It creates extra work for moderators to have to juggle threads into the correct forum, otherwise.
  6. Try before you post, so you can pose directed questions, give exact examples of what goes wrong and if necessary post the problematic part of your configuration so the people willing to help you can actually see your problem and don’t have to guess at it.
  7. Before you post search the FAQ, the manpages, the #fvwm channel FAQ the, WiKi and the forum first for a solution, there’s a big chance your question has already been answered before. Please also ensure that when you post, you also post the FVWM version you’re using.
  8. Don’t expect exact solutions for a problem, you might get them but don’t expect them, most times you’ll get examples of how to do thing or pointers to documentation, now go back to §6.
  9. If you post code samples, please use [code ] [/code ] tags and use [quote] [/quote ]
    tags for quotes, this greatly improves readability.
  10. Don’t use graphics in your signature, they only clutter the pages, slow down page loading for dial-up users, etc. So just stick to plain old text :wink:
  11. You can no longer find a certain thread? It has probably been moved: use the search function to locate it.
  12. There’s a 80x80 limit to the size of an avatar to keep the board layout intact, but phpBB doesn’t seem to enforce it so please keep this in mind when choosing your avatar.
  13. Please discuss politics outside of this board as politics are a very personal matter and people might very well be offended by your point of view.
  14. Try not to add information to your own posts by editing it once it has been sent to the forum. It’s very difficult to determine if an update was made, as it’s never flagged as a new post. Instead, just reply to your own forum post.
  15. Please remember that we are a forum primarily around the discussion of FVWM. It’s not really appropriate to have to answer questions to do with general Linux issues. Questions about X11 and anything FVWM-related is fine, but questions about which filesystem you should use for a new harddrive is not. Don’t be surprised if you find a post deleted because of it. Please also note that in addition to this, this forum is also not a place for you to advertise peripheral software that isn’t related to FVWM. If such posts crop up, they too will be deleted.
  16. If you have a large piece of code which illustrates part of your problem, please use a pastebin ( to hold that information. Config files for use in the Screenshots & Configs section of the forum should be hosted externally, and a link pointed to them. Small pieces of code for inclusion in questions/answers is fine though.
  17. If you’ve written a patch and wish to note it, please do so in the ‘Patches’ section of the forums. In addition to this, it would be nice if the FVWM Wiki page was also updated to reflect this patch. If you also think it ready for inclusion into FVWM, ask about it on the fvwm-workers mailing list. Discussion about patches should also go into this section.