Forum Index Page Errors

Greetings, admins…

I’ve noticed some spelling errors on the front page. While it’s really no big deal to me, correcting them would give the forums a more professional look, at least in my opinion. I’ve done a screenie and underlined the spelling errors in red for your review:

Just thought you might want to know.

Oh, and thanks for the wonderful forums relating to a great window manager.

ozar :slight_smile:

Fixed, and some others that you had missed.

Thomas Adam.

Ouch, I really should re-read stuff after writing it… :blush:

Nope, not fixed yet… in the Screenshots and Configs forum description, it still says “screenhots” rather than screenshots.

Thanks ever so much for you obvious care and attention to detail. It has really improved things. I don’t know quite where we’d be without the corrections.

If you see anymore, don’t hesitate to let us know.

That said, the issue of this supposed “professionalism” can only go as far as the individual concerned is willing to embrace it. Given that we’re a volunteer site; and have potential contributions from people all over the world with varying levels of English, you cannot expect there to be uniformity or ubiquitous consensus over how spelling or grammar is to be used.

This doesn’t make the site any less “professional” – that’s certainly not why this site exists. All I can say is that it adds a certain uniqueness to it, which I am all for embracing; spelling and/or grammar aside.


should be


My pleasure… thanks a bunch for the fixes. 8)