Forum newsfeeds (RSS, Atom)

I’ve installed the smartfeeds mod on the forum, so you can now get customized newsfeeds either of the entire forum or of certain fora that interest you.

The main reason I haven’t added a button a the top is that I don’t have one for all available themes, so I just post the link here (might add buttons and stuff later, if I ever should get hold of appropriate ones)

Enjoy :slight_smile:
(oh, and don’t forget to thank Thomas for reminding me of this :wink:)

(hmm, please correct me if I used of/about in the wrong places…)

Since the upgrade to phpBB3 RC1 today this feature no longer works, which I don’t think is that big an issue as I was about the only user anyway.

I’d use it, is it available now?


Since the upgrade to phpBB3 this feature hasn’t been available, so the answer would be ‘no’. I doubt there’s even a new module for phpBB3 to support this. Though, if there were such a module and enough interest in it I just might install it :wink: