Forum ranks?

Does anybody have any inspiration for forum ranks? The images I’ve now selected allow for a total of eleven ranks to be made…

So, get brainstorming already :wink:

My suggestion would be different types of cats since fvwm has something to do with them on the home page. I personally don’t like cats though. No flames please … :smiley:. Maybe like a house cat type for a newbie up to a lion or tiger or something for the admin.

Eleven types of cats… That’s going to be difficult, espcially to rank them… Let me think, when is my next überboring college :wink:

I’ve already changed some ranks, but I still need more, so anybody with cat related suggestions is welcome to post them here :slight_smile: Other suggestions welcom too of course :wink:

Elder Orb

No? 8)
I’ve been too much BG2 addicted…

I have a solution for that, lend somebody else your cd’s, that’s how I did it :wink:

You forgot Kangaxx, Firkraag and Thaxll’siliya, they won’t be pleased :laughing:

Well, I had my boring course today so I thought up some more ranks, I think we’re settled for the next half year :wink:

Irenicus and bodhi! :smiling_imp:

Perhaps you can start with those cats and stuff, and procede to something like “Master of FvwmButtons” or “Piperead guru” :wink:
.oO(or “Swallow Fan”)

Thats an idea, but i’m not to judge it good or bad :slight_smile:

And OT: Is this “Censoring” Stuff neccesary?
my sig looks ugly this way :confused:

Didn’t even know censoring was on, fixed now, though there are still some words that are filtered because I couldn’t find any decent way to use them except for insulting people…



Thanx, and i agree there shouldn’t be any insults in here, but i think my sig is not insulting to anyone :slight_smile:

It isn’t, sorry if I sounded like I thought it was…

Hi all,
i am not sure if this is completed or not but here is what i would find appropriate for kitties:

1 Kitten
2 Tabby Cat
3 Tom Cat
3 Bob Cat
4 Lynx
5 Cougar
6 Cheeta
7 Leapord
8 Panther
9 Jaguar
10 Tiger
11 Lion

This is what I have atm, but you suggestions look very good to me, I’m going to think about a way to mix them with the stuff I already have, might throw some existing ones out too.

I like this one: Felis - type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcat

Because I could, I went ahead and added this rank at the “500” posts or over mark. Should keep you all happy. I just have to find a suitable avitar for it… (I hate those things…)

– Thomas Adam

I took that one off your hands, there were still some images lingering about, I just hadn’t gotten around to coupling a name to them :blush: