Forum reorganization (opinions please)

I think the distance there is between the Basic and “General configuration questions” forums is a bit too much, which leads to a lot of questions that obviously belong in “General configuration questions” ending up in “Basic questions”. So I was thinking that moving “Basic questions” to the “Configuration” section might be an option and moving “General configuration questions” up to be the second item in “Configuration”.

I was also thinking about renaming “General configuration questions” to just “General questions” so it makes clear that posts like this one also belong there. Like this for example:

General questions All questions regarding FVWM that don't fit anywhere else.

I’ve also come to realize that the order in which forums appear isn’t always as logical, the following would, I think, be more logical:

…stays as it is

  • Basic questions
  • General questions
  • Decorations and bindings
  • Complex functions
  • FvwmScript
  • Other languages
  • Fvwm-themes
    Other things FVWM
  • Installation
  • Screenshots & configs
  • General FVWM discussion
  • Feature requests

Well, this is just something that struck me now (guess it was about time after nearly two years :wink: ) and this is a possible solution I’ve cooked up. As always I’m all open to suggestions and opinions, so…shoot!

I don’t mind – this really only affects posterity, since no one really bothers to take much note of where they’re asking their questions in the first place. The only problem with your list is that it still mentions {Basic,General} Questions – up until now, I have always made a judgement based on my own reply [1] I like the freedom that gives, In this new scheme though, there’s still going to be no difference since the two categories are there.

– Thomas Adam

[1] I don’t mean that arrogantly, I typically always rate where a question ends up not based on the question itself, but the reply it gets.

Ahh, sometimes I still believe in the good nature of humankind :wink:

Yes, but I felt the description wasn’t really accurate, “General configuration questions” gave, imho, the impression that only questions relating the the FVWM configuration file should go there, whereas I feel that posts like the one linked above also belong there.

Which is quite alright imho, I also tend to look at how a discussion evolves to see where it belongs, although I guess that some things that you consider basic aren’t for me, hence why I once had a shot at setting up some guidelines on this (see here), maybe we should reopen that discussion so we can post the guidelines as a sticky post in the appropriate forum.

Look at posts by Skenderbeg – it’s his sorts of questions which I filed under General Configuration Questions. Other posts such as: “My FVWM won’t pee pee for me, what’s wrong with it?” end up in Basic Questions if only because they warrant a reply with next to no, or little, information.

– Thomas Adam