Four Colours Suffice.

No, I don’t mean the mathematics problem (which wasn’t really solved properly, btw – they cheated and used a computer). Have a look at the following:

I’ll make the patch available this evening, along with styling the handles, too. It’s an ugly hack from an even uglier patch I created some months ago.

– Thomas Adam

As promised:


– Thomas Adam

Hello, Thomas Adam.

Some people suggested me to include this patch into the patchset that I am -kind of- maintaining and hosting. I just wanted to ask permission to the owner -you- to do so. The rest of the patches were in the patchset before I started maintaining it, but this one would be a new member. I will, surely, need to modiffy it a bit to fit into the patchset.


Hmm? Sure, you can do that. I just won’t be “supporting” the modifications you make in any future version of the patch I might decide to release, is all.

– Thomas Adam

Of course :smiley:

My “modifications” are mainly about paths, and besides that, just a re-diff -U3, that allowed me to re-patch again with most of other patches without trouble (except for 11-MultiBorder.patch, which required some fixing itself to co-exist with yours).

That is the only reason I edited the patches, otherwise, they would have been shipped unaltered. I will not be bothering you if I break something. For now, it seems to be working ok.

Nice patch, by the way.