FreeBSD fvwm3 problems

The default fvwm3 configuration on FreeBSD has various bad issues.
Most notable is that PgDn pops up the FVWM menu, and arrow down creates a xterm.
So, the FVWM3 config “out of the box” gives a quite bad first impression.

When I transferred my old FVWM2 config, I noticed the EdgeScroll problem described here.

When trying to find out the FVWM version using fvwm3 -V, it only shows "fvwm3 1.0.2 (released)
with support for: ReadLine, PNG, Shape, XShm, SM, Bidi text, XRandR, XRender, XCursor, XFT, NLS
I am using FreeBSD 12.2 configured to use the “latest” repo.
So I guess the FVWM3 there is not the most recent one?
Or could there be other reasons for the EdgeScroll issue?

What do you think? Should I file a bug report in the FreeBSD bug tracker?

Latest fvwm3 release (stable): 1.0.3-66
git clone

Since I don’t know what this default config is, I can’t say whether what you’re describing is meant to be true or not.

Please try the latest fvwm3-1.0.3 release (or ideally the master branch in git for the main fvwm3 repo: GitHub - fvwmorg/fvwm3: FVWM version 3 -- the successor to fvwm2). Please open any issues there if you’re still having problems.