Fullscreened on top

Is there a way to ask fvwm to put any EWMH fullscreened window above all, including panels on layer 6 ?

The fact that it is a window with EWMH hints is irrelevant – please, search the forums for FvwmEvent and maximize – I’ve mentioned how to do this for window countless times.

– Thomas Adam

Ok, here is my solution:

[code]module FvwmEvent
*FvwmEvent: Cmd
*FvwmEvent: configure_window “Function RaiseIfFullscreen”

DestroyFunc RaiseIfFullscreen
AddToFunc RaiseIfFullscreen

  • I Current (Maximized) Layer 0 10
  • I Current (!Maximized) Layer 0 4

I just don’t understand why using Layer default instead of Layer 0 4 put unmaximized windows into Layer 0 instead of 4 after leaving fullscreen mode…

Can you rephrase that? A window ooccupies whatever ‘DefaultLayer’ is set to – if it isn’t set, the window occupies layer 0 4, usually.

– Thomas Adam

I guess it was because I restarted it too much (using Restart function)… quitting and starting again it works.