FVWM 2.5.10 - PNGs in TitleStyle?

Im having the most difficult time making my titlebar accept a png, is it possible that only XPMs are supported in titlebars?

The manual indicated that TitleStyle accepted all the ButtonStyle styles and arguments - thus, I was a little confused as to why my freaking style is not working…

TitleStyle accepts png’s without problems, I use it like this:

DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle Centered Height 16
  • TitleStyle Active TiledPixmap cityofdreams/top.png – flat
  • TitleStyle Inactive TiledPixmap cityofdreams/top.png – flat

I tried that.

Perhaps my PNG is to blame? Taviso suggested I don’t have PNG support compiled in or my PNG was corrupt. Unfortunatley neither are true :frowning:
I tried the PNG button that does work and it does not work as a titlebar PNG. Im beginning to panic. Maybe I should make this PNG available to this forum so anyone kind enough might try it?
Thanks for the attention thus far though.

My vision for my conf is so nice I am going to post in the conf section the finished product, I’ve even thought about using some ideas from FVWM-themes to make a titlestyle change function so switching between flavors of my conf will be painless and fun :slight_smile:

I should note, the PNG is 20x90ish pixels wide

The other png’s that work don’t have that kind of problems? Are they smaller? Because I regularly hear stuff about a hardcoded size limit on icons and I don’t know if there’s a different size limit for titlebar buttons and other icons…

You might want to shrink your image (well, a copy of it of course) and see if that works…

Hi kbd, theBlackDragon,
If you share your png, I will check it out (now that I got png almost everywhere). I’ve been experincing some issue too with png under title bar.

A hardcoded size limit eh?
Then there’s only one way to figure this out… process of elimination :slight_smile:

This information should definately be in the man page. COUGHDO ITCOUGH :laughing:

There IS a hardcoded limit on images, because somebody on the Gentoo forums posted a patch that took the limit out :slight_smile:

Tried saving an XPM that worked from the FVWM-Themes and as a PNG it no longer works, still it works as an XPM. Could it be that it’s just not allowed in the FreeBSD 5.3 port of FVWM2 2.5.10r? PNG as a titlebar buttons not a really complex thing… theres go to be an explanation… maybe I should contact the port maintainer…