fvwm 2.5.11 and xcompmgr


these 2 programs caused me some headaches.

xcompmgr is a small program, that allows to draw shadows on windows.

It is “testing” and told to be buggy.

On fvwm I had this effect:

often the CPU-usage went up to 99% suddenly when opening or closing windows.

This did not happen on other WM (though there are other problems).

Now it seems, I found the reason:

in my /etc/xorg.conf I have set these two lines:

Option “no_BitBlt”
Option “pci_burst_on”

in the section “Device” for my SIS-Graficscard.

Now the error seems to have disappeared…

Maybe it helps someone with a similar problem :slight_smile:

Greetings, Mark

hm strange, my first solution just works sometimes, not always.

After some tests I found this seems to work:


killall xcompmgr
xcompmgr -c&
xcompmgr -c&
xcompmgr -c&
wmsetbg $1
killall xcompmgr
sleep 1
xcompmgr -c&

sava as “setback”, make executable
chmod 755 setback

and run it
./setback pathtopicture/mypicture.jpg

It uses wmsetbg from Windowmaker to set the background, just replace the corresponding line if you use another tool.

Greetings, Mark