FVWM 2.5.17 released.

This may or may not be old news to some of you, but FVWM 2.5.17 has been released, and has the following features to it:


  • New MenuStyle options TitleFont, TitleColorset and
  • New command PressButton in module FvwmButtons for being able
    to emulate button press via other means than the mouse.
  • New wrap options to EdgeScroll command for wrapping with pixel
  • New Style option UnderMousePlacement.
  • Unused arguments to Style options generate warnings.
  • The name style names match against can be augmented by the
    X-resource “fvwmstyle”.
  • New options, Reverse and UseStack, to All command.
  • WindowShade can now reshade windows using the Last direction.
  • Positional parameters to complex functions can now be expanded
    using $[n], $[n-m], $[n-] and $[*] expressions.
  • The width and height arguments of the Resize command now
    accept the prefix ‘w’ to allow resizing relative to the
    current window size.
  • New command ModuleListenOnly.
  • New “Periodic” option added to Schedule command.[/code]

– Thomas Adam

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