fvwm 2.5.23 on Solaris 8

I am trying to configure fvwm 2.5.23 on Solaris 8, and for every configuration I try (gcc vs sun cc, gnu make vs sun make, with and without xpm and png, etc), all the Makefiles (all 69 of them) come out with a file size of zero. :cry: I looked through config.log and there was nothing I could spot as an obvious cause of this. Where can I continue looking for problems?

Given that it’s ‘configure’ which generates them, what version of autotools and friends do you have? What is the output from:

./configure > ./foo 2>&1

(And hence config.log also.)

– Thomas Adam

To the best of my ability to figure it out, we don’t have autotools installed here. I was just trying to do what I have done before (most recently with 2.5.21): unzip, configure, make. Our png, xpm libraries are in non-standard places, but including or excluding the configure options for them doesn’t affect this problem.

./foo is 400 lines long (and config.log is over 3700 lines). Should I post the whole thing? While I’m waiting for your answer, below is the final section of the output to ./foo. It was made with all the gnu stuff, xpm and png taken out of the path, and the only option to ./configure was --prefix

[code]Fvwm Configuration:

Version: 2.5.23

Executables: /local/crigler/bin
Man pages: /local/crigler/share/man
Modules: /local/crigler/libexec/fvwm/2.5.23
Data files: ${prefix}/share/fvwm
Doc files: ${prefix}/share/doc/fvwm
Perl lib: ${prefix}/share/fvwm/perllib
Locale msg: ${prefix}/share/locale ar de fr sv_SE zh_CN

With Asian bi-direct. text support? no: No fribidi-config found in PATH
With Gettext Native Lang support? yes (libc)
With GTK+ required for FvwmGtk? no: Failed to detect GTK, see config.log
With Iconv support? yes (from C library)
With Mouse strokes (gestures)? no: Can’t find working libstroke
With PNG image support? no: Can’t find working png.h
With ReadLine sup. in FvwmConsole? no: Can’t find working libreadline
With RPlay support in FvwmEvent? no: Can’t find working librplay
With Shaped window support? yes
With Shared memory for XImage? yes
With Session Management support? yes
With SVG image support? no: librsvg library or header not found
With Xcursor support? no: Need Xrender support
With Xinerama multi-head support? yes (Using Solaris 9 prototypes for missing header)
With Xft anti-alias font support? no: Can’t detect freetype2 >= 6.1.0/2.0.6
With XPM image support? no: Can’t find working X11/xpm.h
With Xrender image support? no: Failed to detect libXrender
Build man pages? yes
Build HTML documentation? no

Upload it to a pastebin as in:


The output from ./configure looks OK. That should have created some proper Makefiles.

– Thomas Adam

Okay here are the links. First, the redirected output from configure: http://rafb.net/p/QUyVtE88.html

And the full config.log: http://rafb.net/p/wmJfTQ28.html

It was interesting to find out that people have posted public pastebins. Thanks for the pointer!

Late to the party but Blastwave has it, for Solaris 8 x86/Sparc

only 2.4.19…not verison 2.5.x