fvwm 2.6.7 cuts off text in titlebar

my fvwm2.6.7 ( I also tried 2.6.8 ) cuts of the text in the titlebar after the first german special character(äöüß) :
so from
ist shown in the titlebar.
LANG is set to C
Our old version from fvwm (2.4.19) shows the whole text.


Yes, this is expected. Titles have a length, and are now capped at the overall size of the window.

– Thomas

But there is enough space to display the whole text. But every Character after an ä ü ö or ß isn’t displayed.


Oh I see – it’s UTF8 specific.

If you set:

BugOpts TransliterateUtf8 On

Does this make a difference? If not, can you see if there’s anything in your ~/.xsession-errors file that’s relevant, and paste it into a pastebin for me to look at?


Hello Thomas,

thanks for your Reply. Setting the BugOpts-Option doesnt make any difference, and the .xsession-errors-File only shows one line:
FvwmButtons: No buttons defined. Quitting

Oh, I forgot, if I iconify the Window, and if the Icontext also contains an äöüß(Umlaut) , the Icontext also is cut at the first Umlaut.