FVWM 2.6.8 -- IndexedIconName

“IndexedIconName” or “IconTitleFormat %t” isn’t working on 2.6.8,
it show “1” on all icons, even when you got 5 same application icons,
Here is for example 4 firefox icons “Style Navigator IconTitleFormat %t”]https://i.imgur.com/suFNnae.png[/img]
But, for example, “IndexedWindowName” or “TitleFormat %t” works OK and as expected, very strange.
I’m using fvwm:amd64/unstable 1:2.6.8-1 on Devuan “ASCII” (Debian 9 without systemd).

I have tested on Debian here, same package version and it is working, but maybe not how you expect.

Try using xterm (a set of windows that all have the same Name/Icon Name) and see that it does work. Firefox changes the Window Name and Icon Name to match the current page being shown. Thus if you are all on different pages, each Firefox window has a different Name for each window and thus the numbers don’t increment. You can test this by having multiple firefox windows on the same webpage (This was my test and it worked just fine).

I don’t see a way to get the Index to count based off of anything except Name or Icon Name, (I’m unsure if this is using the window Name or Icon Name from the manpage). According to the manpage about IndextedWindowName, i is an integer which represents the i th window with name as window name, so it is counting based of of window name.

I have tested this with IndexedWindowName as well, and get the same effect. The thing I noticed, is since all my firefox windows open to the same webpage, if I open up a bunch of new windows they index, but as I start changing webpages, the index changes based on the webpage I am on. So maybe in your test you just opened up some new windows and saw the index due to all being on the same webpage.

You may have to ask for a feature request on the mailing list (though unsure what sort of response that would get) if you want to be able to count based on class or resource (something that would be the same for each of your windows).

I made a few changes to IndexedWindowName ages ago, turning it into TitleFormat.

You can aggregate windows based on class names:

Style Firefox TitleFormat %n (%t)

Here, you’d get the count of Firefox windows whose class were Firefox.

– Thomas Adam

Here is for example 4 same pcmanfm iconified windows (using “Style pcmanfm IconTitleFormat %t”) with the same name when using 2.6.8]https://i.imgur.com/zOq78gx.png[/img]

Here is same pcmanfm icons, but after downgrading to 2.6.7 (apt install fvwm=1:2.6.7-3) and restarting FVWM]https://i.imgur.com/Cfpd9yt.png[/img]

So, probably, it is definitely a problem in 2.6.8. The same happens with xterm (using “Style xterm IconTitleFormat %n (%t)”),
and all others applications, here is 4 iconified xterms when using 2.6.8]https://i.imgur.com/AfIGZs8.png[/img]
Here is the same 4 xterm icons, but after downgrading to 2.6.7 and restarting FVWM]https://i.imgur.com/qSWVq1I.png[/img]

But this not happen always, for example, now, after several restarts, it works OK even in fvwm 2.6.8,
but it never happened and never happens in 2.6.7.

This doesn’t seem to work for me. Windows appear to index based off of window name. As I change webpages in various firefox windows, the index using Style Firefox-esr TitleFormat %n (%t) are indexed based of the name of the window, and this index changes depending on the webage and thus window name in my trials.

I’m using 1:2.6.8-1 for Debian (it is compiled for stable, but is the same package as the one I put in sid) and it works for me as expected if I have every window use the same window name. I’m unsure what the issue could be on your end, but in my testing I don’t get this behavior. I am only using FvwmConsole to test this, as opposed to putting the style in my config and restarting.