fvwm against xorg 6.8.2-Composite has buttonbar probs w/gtk1

this is a somewhat complicated problem, and i’m not exactly sure which program is the culprit…

i recently upgraded xorg to 6.8.2, which uses the new Composite extension. because of an unrelated issue, i re-compiled and installed fvwm. after i did this, i can no longer launch gtk1 apps (XMMS, gmplayer) using BarButtons. i CAN, however, launch them fine from the console. this is also the case with openoffice, though i don’t think it’s a gtk1 app. xmms and gmplayer, to launch with Composite enabled, require that my init scripts in the BarButtons config (and the console) begin with the string XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 (so, the xmms button was ‘Exec XLIB_SKIP… xmms’)

i’d been using the Composite extension fine under 6.8.1 and 6.8.0, so i’m not sure why this no longer works. it even worked all right under 6.8.2, unitl i re-compiled fvwm.

can anybody offer some advice as to why this wouldn’t work from a button (or from the “Talk to Fvwm” command), but would from a console?



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